Years Ago

Sil Azevedo Photography is Visual Poetry

This is one of my favorites of all the photos I've ever seen. I just LOVE this image--a reflection of a theater in water, a squeegee wiping it partially away--but only partially! Our dreams get "squeegeed" somewhat, but not wiped out entirely! My mind craves art, music, and literature the way my body wants food--frequently!¬†Sil… Continue reading Sil Azevedo Photography is Visual Poetry

Tracy Lee Karner
Years Ago

Karner Blue Recovery

That this beautiful, blue, endangered creature shares my name, makes me irrationally partial to it. Some days I feel kinship with the Karner blue butterfly, as if I, too, am in danger of being wiped out. But there are quiet armies of people devoted to saving this butterfly, from school children in New Hampshire¬†(read more… Continue reading Karner Blue Recovery